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Standard disclaimer: This shite could maim you for life or even kill you!!! You could end up in a bloody heap, moaning like Pee Wee Herman at a good movie. DON'T DO IT. I may be totally misleading you. Run like hell in the other direction!!! I wouldn't even subject Hord's badger to riding a Hawk equipped like this!!! I feel much better all ready.

The diagram *must* be followed as far as powering the fuel pump - i.e. directly from the main switch - as opposed to the simplified diagram in the manual. The simplified diagram shows the fuel pump being powered *after* the ignition module. This works, but causes a missfire everytime the pump kicks on. There is a fuel pump relay that is powered after the ignition module, which draws significantly less, and won't cause the miss.

If you try to 'backfeed' the pump by adding a hot wire directly to the pump, you will fry the ignition module, as you now will have positive on both sides of the module.

The only correct way to do it (without a relay) is to power the fuel pump directly from the main switch.

The rest was by trial and error, but was rather easy. I am not an enginerd or a mechanic, I'm just a country biologist. It took me maybe 9 hours. Enjoy!


Wire Diagram

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